Should the 2020 Election Results be Questioned?

     Well, in general, if you compare the results to what the media told us the results were going to be. Then the answer would be a resounding hell yes! However, the media has continuously been wrong for so long, on so many occasions that we don’t consider their coverage to be a quality measurement for comparison anymore.
So if you just look at the results and see that Trump had improved in just about every demographic from his 2016 performance. Blacks, Latinos, Women, LGBT, Democrats. one report said that the only group in which he lost support was non-college-educated white males. Take that coupled with the shocking amount of Republican victories for house seats, and a good showing in the Senate races as well. Then anyone being objective would have to say or think something is quite right here?

     Now would a deep dive change the results? Probably not. Would a valid and provable explanation of how this abnormal result occurred be great for all of us? ABSOLUTELY!!


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