YouTube Riches – A 5 year story

I remember when youtube was more of a file sharing solution. Video files were too large to send via email so you would upload your video and send the person a link in your email. That quickly changed.

Watch YouTube’s first video here. “Me at the Zoo”

So it quickly took off and about 1 year later was bought for 1.65 Billion by Google, and people make money via ads placed on, over, before, the videos that they make and upload.

There are those who have literally made millions doing this. Creating channels and uploading content, and while sometimes there is that one off crazy vid that “Goes Viral” but for the most part are dedicated. Even those who may not be millionaires but have had measured success have that same discipline. They put in the time, consistently create and post new content.

ONE OF THOSE STORIES: Is The Nomadic Fanatic.

In short, he does videos about living in vans, & RV’s and living the nomadic life. The content has been about the sites scenery and things to do in different cities and states around the country. Which are typically the video I like to watch, but he also provides tips, tricks, and experiences that living that sort of life can present. Even delves into personal life issues.

Not to delve into his life or the channel, I ended up choosing to write about the way YouTube seemingly has affected his life.  I had noticed the progression of his vehicles over the years and how in general, it’s been a step up…then another step up. Granted as is with real life, not every move was up. However, overall in the last 5 years, he has gone from basically homeless living in a camper parked in a college parking lot. To a 32′ 2012 Class A Motorhome.

His first video Dec 6, 2013:

March 13th, 2019:

Like this person or don’t like, I’m not interested. I just thought it was a good visual display of an average person making money on YouTube.

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