‘Pay by the mile’ fee proposed as part of Wisconsin transportation plan

MADISON, Wis. — As part of the Republican-led transportation plan that has won the approval of the legislature’s budget-writing committee, Wisconsin lawmakers want to study assessing a mileage-based fee for drivers.

The proposal directs up to $2.5 million to research the feasibility of such a fee, including, a traffic and revenue analysis and how the concept would be implemented and tracked.

“I don’t think it’s a bad idea,” Nichole Christman said. “I think people should be held accountable for the amount they utilize the roads.”

Several other states have piloted a mileage-based fee. Oregon state law gives drivers the option between a fee or a higher gas tax.

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“It’s really a fairness issue,” Bruce Starr said, a former Oregon state lawmaker who introduced the initial legislation.

Editors Notes:

When you drive on the roads more, you tend to use more gas. If you buy more gas you are paying more in gas taxes than others. That’s what is known as “fair”.

NOW….. If the concern is about an increase in hybrid/electric vehicles who may use the road more and not pay more at the pump? Then you are forgetting that they pay more for electricity when charging at home. Which also includes taxes on their bill and increased profit from the electric company who also pays taxes. Then as for the charging stations on the road, the state makes quite a bit of money in fees when a company installs those as well.

But don’t let these notes distract from the REAL REASON for this proposal. Which is to get $2.5 million dollars to some friend of a friend of a politician for yet another feasibility study.


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