We’re going to imagine it’s because He and those around him are totally clueless. So, oil was at the time considered to be very cheap and plentiful when this administration took office.  In regards to repairing our infrastructure, this would have saved us as a nation, billions upon billions of dollars as fuel for the trucks and construction equipment would have been cheaper. This also applies to the actual asphalt to create the new roads. Yes, folks, Electric car or not. Your highways are made from oil by-products, and NO, Solar Roadways are not a real option. Even though they are also made with oil by-products, they just do not hold up.
     So instead of pushing a job-creating infrastructure bill, our fearless leader decided on a job-killing executive action that increased the cost of crude oil, gas, home heating fuels and increased the cost of any future roadway and other infrastructure projects. So back to the question of why kill jobs during a Covid Outbreak, and raise the costs for future infrastructure projects?

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