The Biggest Problem with Reparations

     This is one of those subjects where to overall idea or concept is great. However, the implementation is not so feasible. In regards to the latest Reparations for slavery, the quick thought would be everyone who is black gets a check. The first problem with that is, not everyone with black or darker skin is a descendant of slaves. So in order for there to be any fairness and justice carried out. There would need to be some other qualifiers put into place to figure out who was deserving of reparations. For example, President Obama and Vice President Harris while at first glance may appear to qualify. A look at their ancestry would show that not to be true. Some might even say their family trees put them in the column that needs to be paying reparations and not receiving them.
     So yes, for any implementation of reparations for slave families to be fair, we would have to provide documentation that we are descendants of slaves. Again just the color of one’s skin is not a qualifier. What if our ancestor turned out to be a black slave owner or a from an African tribe that gathered and sold other Africans to the “white man”?
     So while no one is going to think this through completely and try to come up with an actual justice-based solution. Our politicians will keep using the slogan for political points and come up with nonsense bills and maybe even hand out some money. However, sadly, all that is going to do is reinforce the “You’re a Victim” mentality. After all in this country, if you are Black you are incompetent, can not “Make it” on your own, and need a politician to fight for you. I mean even our own President thinks blacks don’t know how to use the internet. No not Trump, but President Joe Biden said that.
Maybe that’s the place to start the fight against racism. With our leaders who think anyone not white and/or wealthy is incompetent?

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