A Recent Dirty Little Trick from Main Stream Media

     I started this article a few weeks ago and never got around to finishing it. Then this week I saw another story fitting the pattern. Over the last few months, I have noticed a few news stories being run as BREAKING NEWS, that were actually stories told months or years ago. Now at the time of the original news releases, many of these stories were called fake, propaganda, declared untrue by so-called fact-checkers, etc… Including the news outlets now running the stories as breaking news!

This is the Crowder Gang having fun with a recent CNN Breaking News clip.

Here is another CNN reporter giving us this story on Dec 1st, 2020:

Now back in Jan & Feb CNN themselves along with AP and other outlets were writing about how China was withholding and manipulating information.

Link to Story

Saagar Enjeti at The Hill  hit on this subject as well:

So anyways the pattern seems to be that the mainstream media will initially blast and discredit stories as untrue. Then months later run the same story as BREAKING NEWS! Now you can go off on a conspiracy theory it’s propaganda control handed down from the deep state. Maybe it’s legitimate self-control and restraint from the media to not run a story that’s not verified enough?


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