Wanda Sykes with Stephen Colbert – Clueless or Funny?

     Yes, the whole abortion issue is a tough one and maybe we will take a deep dive into it in the future. However, at this point in time, the recent Supreme Court decision actually changes little. Whatever your state’s laws are on abortion, they are still the same.
So it is a little funny to watch people complain that a population or majority of people in one state or many states “get to decide” what people in another state(s) have for law. Wanda in this case makes that exact complaint without realizing this is what the court said.

     Seems that Wanda Sykes got exactly what she wanted from the Supreme Court abortion decision? However, she just hasn’t realized it yet:-) Taken from a recent Late Show with Stephen Colbert.
We decided to have a little fun with this, even though the main issue is a serious subject. It was the lack of knowledge of how our government is set up and how the court’s decision to let the states make their own laws on the matter is exactly what she is claiming to want. Now the odds are, like many others she would rather a few states make the laws for many others. Well, that’s pretty much what she said.



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