I’m Liking the Capitol “Riots” More & More

OK, let me rephrase that. More accurately it’s the reaction from the politicians that I am getting a kick out of. Obviously ( for me anyway) the death, injuries, destruction… not a fan. However, watching our so-called leaders be outraged and in a panic over violence and property destruction after ignoring or even supporting it all last year. Sadly putting a little smile on my face.

Watching them be pissed off when it happens to them after letting it go on in your or my neighborhood is straight out of the old N.I.M.B.Y playbook. Granted today’s impeachment nonsense is political theater putting party before country. We need not lose sight that the REAL motivation is that it happened to them. It was no longer Antifa or BLM killing looting burning down businesses and homes a thousand or two thousand miles away.

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