Is Joe Biden Unaware or Just Lying?

Yes, yes, I know, who says he can’t be both. However, for today’s subject, we are talking about his desire to “End Fossil Fuels”.

Does he realize what is made from oil & gas?

     FIRST off, is the roads we drive on. Yes, Joe, asphalt is made from oil. Also many many parts of the electric cars he is pushing. Plastic dashboards, door parts, computer chips, shocks, seat fabrics, carpets, lubricating fluids, on and on and on. Keeping with the products he wants to push like Solar & Wind. Solar Panels have parts made from oil as do Wind Turbines.
     The list of products made from Oil & Gas is shockingly long. To get your mind thinking in this direction ( if you already do not know ) “think plastic”. Look around you and take in all the things in your home or work made from plastic. TV’s, Computers, cell phones, printers, remotes, modems, charging cords, electrical outlets, your PVC water and drain pipes, etc…
     Now let’s look at fabrics. Yes, many products like clothing, upholstery, yarn,  backpacks, sheets, blankets pillows, shoes, sneakers, flip-flops, curtains, etc… are made from petroleum-based fabrics.
     How about hygiene?  Yes, many deodorants, dishwashing liquids, laundry soaps, cold creams, shampoo, shaving cream, hair coloring, and more. All are made from petroleum.
     We all just went through covid which may have opened our eyes to medical things like gloves, syringes, bandages, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, masks, gowns, and on and on. To say nothing of the hospital equipment made from plastics. Again all made from Oil & Gas by-products
The Dept. of Energy has actually published a list
Click here for PDF
     Maybe Joe should have watched the video below from the History channel before making such claims. Unless of course, he has no intention to “End Fossil Fuels” and was/is just pandering for votes? Don’t forget his old boss, Obama told us climate change was “Real, Man-made, and Dangerous”. Then bought a home on Martha’s Vinyard about 5-8 feet above sea level???

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