Was New Hampshire covering up a Voter Fraud case?

If you watch the video from Project Veritas below you will get a lot of information as it shows both the individual now charged with voting twice, admit it on camera and video of a meeting with State Officials about them not acting on it.

The story of the guy voting twice is actually funny as hell. He DID THIS IN PERSON!!!  Voting as himself I guess. Then going back dressed in a wig an overcoat claiming to be a woman that once lived and the same address. Signing an Affidavit and taking a picture to “prove” he was Helen.

What gets a bit darker is this guy got himself into the position of Ballot Inspector!

EverywhereChair.com has the right chair for you!

The Union Leader did a good article on this getting some more response from State officials as to why it took so long to bring charges on this case.


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