Using Food Stamps on Amazon’s Prime Pantry

There are a few hidden or not well know benefits to an Amazon Prime membership. We all seem to be aware of the free 2-day shipping for Prime members, the music library, The instant streaming of movies and TV shows, as well as their Prime Pantry.

What many might not know however if their discount program for those with EBT or Medicaid. Yes, For those eligible, Amazon offers a discount price on prime membership. for people on those assistance programs. Check Eligibility 

PLUS!… We found this to be sort of a “The future is now” thing but, you can use your SNAP ( food stamps) to pay for food online. So not only will those eligible get a discount on the membership but they can order food right from the website. Including delivery* ( orders over $35 )

Granted when we looked up grocery items it did seem like there were better prices in your supermarket, and you certainly were not going to be buying meats, fish produce and I would question ordering frozen foods. But, If you are a senior or have disabilities that make shopping, or carrying groceries upstairs. It might be an option for you?

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