Police threaten man at gunpoint for policing his yard.

Police in Boulder, Colorado have launched an internal investigation in response to a viral video that shows officers drawing their weapons on a black man who claimed to be picking up trash on his own property.

According to the Boulder Police, an officer saw a black man sitting in a “partially enclosed patio area directly behind a ‘Private Property’ sign.” At that point, the release claims the officer initiated the man to determine if “he was allowed to be on the property.”

Turns out the man lived there and was just picking up trash around his yard. In the military, this is known as policing the area.  So, of course, the officer(s) wanted to call the trash grabber a “weapon” and the nonsense further escalated. Good news the man was not shot and killed on his own property like some other police action in recent weeks.

According to a press release from the Boulder Police, the department began looking into the incident on Friday and launched an internal affairs investigation on Monday. After between a “60 and 90 day” investigation, police will submit a report to the Professional Standards Review Panel, which will provide a recommendation to the chief of police about how to proceed.

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