What Happened On This Day – September 25

  • 2008 China launches Shenzhou spacecraft with 3 astronauts

    This was the third human manned space flight mission of China’s Space Program.

  • 1992 NASA launches the Mars Observer

    The robotic space probe’s main goal was to study Mars. Almost a year later all communications with it were lost.

  • 1977 Runners run the first Chicago Marathon

    One of the world’s six major marathons, which include the marathons in Berlin, Boston, London, New York, and Tokyo, the Chicago Marathon was initially called the Mayor Daley Marathon. The first race was won by Rhud Metzner.

  • 1962 The People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria is officially created

    Ferhat Abbas was appointed as the President of the Algerian National Assembly, and Ben Bella was seated as the country’s new Prime Minister.

  • 1890 Sequoia National Park is established by the United States Congress

    The park, situated in the state of California is famous for its giant sequoia trees.

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