S. C. Mayor thought car was vandalized in hate crime, but it was likely pollen

The mayor of tiny Lamar, South Carolina, called police because she thought her car had been vandalized with spray paint after it was covered in a white or yellow substance, according to a police report.

Officers who arrived on Feb. 7 wrote in the report that the substance covering the car was “yellowish” and “a type of powder similar to pollen.”

The police report said someone went out to the cars at about 10 p.m. and saw what they thought was vandalism. That person went back into the house and asked, “’Where did you go today?’ ‘The car is covered in paint,” the report said.

Lamar Mayor Darnell Byrd-McPherson said someone came onto her property Wednesday night and vandalized her cars.

Byrd-McPherson said the vandalism may be investigated as a hate crime.

Police forwarded the vandalism complaint to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, according to the report.

The mayor on Wednesday told WPDE that state investigators were “unable to make a determination of the substance because no sample was taken by the Lamar Police Department.”

She released the following statement on the incident:

“The incident happened last night. Even though I drove my car today, I thought it was pollen. My husband and our neighbor noticed the cars looked like someone had spray painted on both our vehicles, which were parked in our front yard.

As an aside, during the 70s, crosses were burned in the yard of our home when my Mother was involved with the civil rights movement. On this very same corner in this very same front yard!

Again, we are grateful the person or persons did not try to take our lives but the culprits will be identified and prosecuted.

Love conquers hate and my husband and I refuse to be intimidated by those who perpetrated this act of vandalism which I classify as an act of hatred. ”

Byrd-McPherson referenced how bills are being introduced to address hate crimes in the South Carolina General Assembly. She added hate crimes are on the rise in the state.

Editors Note: She says herself that she thought it was pollen. Is reported to be blaming the police for not taking a sample. Now it seems they couldn’t go back and get a sample because the mayor washed the paint off the next day.

Look I get that pollen on a car does look like a fine mist of paint. More accurately like overspray from someone painting a house or car with a noisy professional spray compressor.

What I don’t get is creating hate crimes to push a political agenda.

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